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Thread: Can't get out

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    Originally Posted by Venna
    I picture him, alone in a tiny apartment with cold furniture, trying to reheat old KFC so he can eat it in front of the TV before walking to his lonely room and crying himself to sleep. No one to talk to, no one to laugh with. Our kids are grown and have their own lives. Sure, they will stop by and all that, but they are just starting and you know how it is in your 20's. I can't expect them to do what he would need. I don't have confidence he would be able to find new family/friends since he wouldn't really score with dating, and he's antisocial. I know most people might picture this but there would be a different reality. In this case, though, I don't think so. I this would be exactly how his life would be until his job would call my cell one day and tell me he hasn't been to work in 3 days and we'd discover his body in a closet or something. What makes this so hard is that he doesn't deserve that. He's a really great human being who deserves all the happiness in the world, so I've sacrificed my own. Sorry for the darkness, but that is why I'm struggling. How do I send someone off to a cold, miserable life until he dies. What kind of person does that.
    If he is indeed a great human being as you said he will find his happiness alone or with friends, family or another great person. You can't be the only one in the world who can see his greatness. You can only sacrifice your happiness for someone else's for so long, as you have discovered. Getting Ready for a First Date

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    I would tell him your needs are no longer being met in this relationship and either he begins seeing a therapist to work through his intimacy issues to be a better partner to you or you have an open marriage where you can have sex with others. If neither of these is an option for him then I donít see an alternative except you leaving.

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