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Thread: Moving on from infidelity

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    If you won't leave him then you have to accept him for who he is - a cheater.

    So you turn a blind eye to his extracurricular activities and accept that you will never ever be the only one, that he will always cheat, that there will always always always be some other girl or two or more. You better have a standing appointment for STD testing and use protection at all times as some aren't curable and you do not want to catch that. Expect to be embarrassed and publicly humiliated as people will see him with his side pieces and pity you for putting up with that. If this is an acceptable way to live for you, more power to you. If you want to play this game of how low you can go, your life your choice.

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    If he has already been disloyal and dishonest multiple times, what has changed.

    And unfortunately, this is going to keep happening unless something fundamentally changes, has it? I am really sorry you had to go through this emotional pain and constant hurt. If you have to tell him to unfollow people on Twitter, their is obviously a lack of trust. Even your subconscious knows that he hasn't really changed or else you wouldn't be so worried and have to take these measures.

    I am sorry. And you said that you [feel really controlling], and that's just a sign that this isn't going to workout. Because if you feel the need to control behaviors that's not a recipe for a healthy relationship. You should be able to trust him to make good decisions without your interference.

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