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Thread: Obsessed with my sexfriend... Help!

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    Originally Posted by DancingFool
    To lay down the cold cruel terms that he did means he is very much aware of the OP's feelings. The cold terms are meant for him to avoid feeling guilty for taking advantage of those feelings.
    I agree.

    His actions are not the actions of a kind person.

    They are very calculated. Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Ok many people self medicate. Some use drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. Sex too. The best first stop is going to the doctor for a complete evaluation and help with drinking, smoking, anxiety and whatever else is underlying all this trouble and pain.

    39 is young, but how healthy are you physically? When did you last have a checkup or blood tests or an ekg? Also a referral to a therapist to sort out these physical and emotional feeling would help. Much of this has nothing to do with him or love. It's unwise to have all these symptoms and claim it's from him.
    Originally Posted by MoodyNights
    I spend countless sleepless nights,
    I can cry for hours
    I can't eat anymore
    I drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes to ease my pain and feelings of anxiety
    I usually experience physical heartache
    I have this weird feeling something is eating my heart away
    I have increasing difficulties performing the smallest tasks at home
    I literaly feel feverish and dizzy and angry

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