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Thread: Broke up with boyfriend due to religion

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    Originally Posted by Limegreen22
    I am finding it difficult to overcome the urge to fight for it. I even asked him to be friends and he said no because he can't see me with someone else. I on the other hand would like to have him in my life and would eventually be okay with him seeing other people if we have to accept the situation for what it is.
    Out of curiosity, what would "fighting for it" look like for you? Trying to convince him to go against his parents? Trying to convince his parents to accept the religious differences?

    I don't think being friends is a good idea right now, either. You might think you'd be okay seeing him with someone else, but the reality is often very different. It is usually much harder than we expect to know an ex has moved on to another woman. I would not take that risk emotionally, OP.

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    had the same thing happen to me basically. She was muslim, i am not. we both knew from the beginning it wasnt gonna fly with her parents, since although her dad didnt marry someone of his own country and religion, she had to..
    we dated anyway because feelings = irrational.. after 6 months, 2 weeks after summer break (which was 6 weeks) she broke up. being with her family in her country took a huge toll on her and she couldnt keep lying to them. us dating was completely secret. non of our friends or her parents knew..

    idk how it was for your BF, but for my ex it was basically, choosing her family and losing me or choosing me and losing her family. its a choice against all odds.

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