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Thread: Ex Advice

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    Ex Advice

    Relationship ended with the woman I thought I was going to marry about 2 years ago. She moved on with someone else quick, I have dated here and there but nothing has stuck. I started going back to the gym a few months ago, and at 4am in the morning....my ex and the guy walked in. She turned away from me, acting as though she didn't know me. Thoughts on this? She doesn't seem to be able to look me in the face.

    A couple of weeks ago, I was outside my house and she drove by. Nothing creepy, I live on a major traffic road.....and her brother lives near me. She made a motion with her arm, wasn't a wave. Perhaps out of frustration that I saw her. Does any of this mean anything?

    Sorry for the length, trying to be as descriptive as I can.

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    Sorry OP. Neither of these sound like they had any significance; however I know it doesn't feel that way when you are still deep in the emotions following a breakup. Are you saying you were going to marry her 2 years ago or you two broke up two years ago? Two random encounters in 2 years barely warrant this kind of analysis if you have been properly healing and moving on yourself. I would focus on that, since your ex clearly has.

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    Sorry to hear this. It's always awkward running into an ex. Have you dated since or been in a relationship? If not it may be time to consider that.
    Originally Posted by Sphinx78
    Relationship ended about 2 years ago.....my ex and the guy walked in. She turned away from me, acting as though she didn't know me.

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    Sorry to hear this, it's awful when you still have feelings for someone and they've moved on. Your hanging on to any little thing you can to give you hope that there still might be a chance for you and her. I had a similar experience and it took me a good 5 years to get over a lady I fell head over heels in love with. There's no easy fix other than to keep dating. Hopefully one day you'll find the 'one'. The lady you were going to marry may have been the one for you but she couldn't have felt the same to be able to move on so quickly. Had she felt the same you would be married and together now. That's what you want from another person, someone who can feel and want the same as you. Relationships can fall so many times into the adored and the adorer. The adored always move on much sooner.


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    Clearly you are not over her. Have you accepted that it is over? I ask this because you are still haven't fully accepted that it is over and all this is just her "finding herself" and she will call you and say I miss you. Or you are not ready to move on and you are standing still hoping if she looks for you, you will be easy to find.

    Either way, you are fooling yourself and giving yourself way too much credit. She is an X which means what she does or says no longer matters or should matter to you. If she burped, or dropped a dollar or looked away from you are not signs. YOU are the only one thinking they are signs.

    Let it go. Quit thinking, it is over and you should accept that she is on a different path than you.


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