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Thread: Emotionally charged weekend

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    Originally Posted by Lambert
    I said you know he's interested because you said, he approached you to get your number and said you should go out.

    If that's not interest, I don't know what is!
    That's why this confused me, haha.

    For a chunk of the night a distant acquaintance, him and I were having quite an engaging conversation. I mention this because when we were about to jump into our respective cabs (the guy was taking the same cab as the distant acquaintance) the guy genuinely says something along the lines of "Can I ask our mutual friend for your number? To go out". I reply something like: "That distant acquaintance has my number, too. So you can ask him. Let's all do something." Obviously I blew it by dismissing it as a group hang out. That's why I then contacted him and whatnot.

    Originally Posted by Lambert
    yeah, just be cool. Post here. We'll talk you down of the ceiling.

    Originally Posted by Lambert
    I've been taking to a guy, I met right before the lock down. We've actually agreed we didn't want to get too far ahead of ourselves in this situation.

    So I just try to be fun and light when he calls. Just following his lead. I noticed, he is a caller not a texter.... So in between calls, every so often I send a text to show I'm interested... but its usually something funny or not requiring a response. And he does respond timely but then I let it go....
    Good on you! I hope it's still going well! Well, when I sent him funny stuff, he'd still reply with "Haha, this is hilarious" or something a day later or something.

    Originally Posted by Jibralta
    LOL I do that all the time. I get tapped out and leave the unread text there as a reminder to reply in the future (usually a couple of days, sometimes more). But I don't consider it an ending to the conversation, just a "to be continued....." until I feel up to chatting again. I need a period of recharge from human interaction.
    Hehe, that's good to know. What some consider one thing, others may see it differently. :)

    Originally Posted by Batya33
    But the person who wants to date the other person do what it takes to express interest in dating. Why didnít D ask me out right then? I guess because he was shy and I was sniffly. But he asked me out a few days later.
    Batya, I enjoyed reading about your experience with lovely guy. My experience has been similar to yours in that men normally find a way to ask you out.

    Originally Posted by Batya33
    a vague reference to hanging out is fine but without follow up it's not asking you out on a date.
    I also agree with this. I'm in that sense a traditionalist as well, so I couldn't ask a man out on a date.

    Originally Posted by Wiseman2
    Ok view it as fun stuck at home chitchat, but keep in level of texting does not correlate with level of interest. People text because they are bored, waiting in line and the most popular....while on the toilet.🚽
    You're wise but also funny, hehe! I don't believe in boredom as there are too many things that can be done in life, even during self-isolation.

    Originally Posted by Ian4996
    I wouldn't overthink this too much - I think at the moment there's so much "thinking time" that it's easy to dwell on things that there's no need to dwell on.
    I think that's the key right there. Overthinking and "too much thinking time".

    It's good to talk to you all lovely people and I appreciate your insight! enotalone is a really nice haven!
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