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Thread: I unintentionally sabotaged my marriage, and it's absolutely destroyed me.

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    I unintentionally sabotaged my marriage and it's absolutely destroyed ne.

    Difficult situation but once that step is crossed breaching the intimacy between a couple, is it ever the same? Hard to know where to turn when the initial blame sits with yourself. It appears as if your wife is blatantly taking advantage of the situation at every opportunity. She's lost respect for you and I can see why. You gave her the opportunity to suck another man's . Personally I just don't get it, and how your feeling now reflects the fact that generally speaking intimacy and trust are an essential part of a successful relationship. You had it and let it slip for a few moments of sensational indulgence. I made a mistake once involving to much alcohol that ultimately ruined my relationship and caused years of anxiety and blaming myself. That said reading your story makes me realise that it wasn't all my fault. Its about choices, yours,hers and your friends. Getting Ready for a First Date
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