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Thread: I need advice

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    When people describe the good or highs as very good, there is a problem.

    Happy couples enjoy everything day, there are no extreme highs or lows.
    Just happy.

    Donít stay with someone because of those occasional happy times.
    They will become fewer and further in between.

    Itís over. Donít worry about losing supposed mutual friends.

    And donít be surprised that those mutual friends arenít after all.

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    Take this opportunity to distance from him. Socially, emotionally, physically. Use this time educate yourself on abusive relationships. Google "red flags for abuse". Join the a few of many domestic violence support groups. Rather than facetime him start videochats with informed supportive people who can help extricate you from this. This is typical:
    Originally Posted by Hannah122
    when we are good it is so good and I donít want to lose that

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    You don't get to choose someone else's lifetime partner and nobody gets to choose yours. It wouldn't matter if there were no dealbreakers and you just weren't feeling it with a guy. It's your life and your choice.

    The good can never outweigh the bad with a dealbreaker, and now his behavior has killed your love for him. Don't second-guess yourself that you are making a mistake in breaking up. You've learned a life lesson which should benefit you in making better choices for a mate in the future. You'll likely spot red flags sooner, and know not to hope for better behavior in the future. Cutting the losers loose ASAP will allow you to be free when Mr. Right comes along. When a person shows you who they are, believe them the first time. Good luck.

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    A wise mentor to me when I was just 18 said to me one day after observing my extremely jealous wife's behavior in another tirade of accusations & conjecture, "Bubba, your wife is cheating on you." I thought that claim was absurd especially after his witness, but he urged me to trust him. He was right & also told me the more severe the jealousy, the higher the chance the accuser is the one. I have seen that advice ring true time & time again in 30 years following. The only one other scenario is him being heavy with insecurity. Then again in my observations, 90% of men treat women like crap today. Anyway, never can he love someone until he accepts & loves himself for who & what he is. Frankly, once self acceptance is truly accomplished ,not 1 person remains on Earth from whom to seek acceptance or approval.

    I venture to say bail out now to avoid misery or eventual harm. Even peaceful quiet truce is not worth it if the energy is dead. Attraction is a natural force of energy and a man's regard for you is reflected in the way he looks at you & touches you. If the energy is there, the stronger it is, the more powerful his touch would be. All things are surrounded by the aura of what something is,we pick it up as vibe or the gut. The gut is never wrong btw. When something is real words are not needed, you know already as you can feel it ,sense it, it's aura is all around it.

    She is a well sculpted art of a divine hand & crafted to be presented to Man as his finest gift.
    What truly makes true art truly priceless is the jolting rattle of response from emotion & imagination upon sight of it. People & faces affect us the same. How they affect us is beyond our control...but not beyond observation. I have learned that when the sight of her has the power to trigger that pulse pounding ,breathtaking downhill zoom feeling as butterflies flutter in, great will be the power of the explosive natural burst of energy brought on by + & - coming into contact with 1 & other & that the intensity of an experience is measured by the passion with which it was applied.
    Something void of the energy or neutral produces nothing unless detachment ,resentment, & a cold bitter soul are something.


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