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Thread: Catch 22

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    Prior to covid 19, I travelled a lot and two things make any hotel bearable for sleeping: a sleep mask and ear plugs!

    Look for ones you don't put in your ear, but the wax kind you put outside the ear canal. That way you won't accidentally push ear wax into your ear and cause a problem.

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    I normally just wear earplugs if noise is bothering me. I think whether you could make complaints to the building manager depends on what kind of actual noise the neighbour is making. I mean, you did mention you're a light sleeper and these noises wouldn't bother others. A person is allowed to stay up in their apartment until 4 a.m. or any time they wish to, it is their choice. They're not allowed to play loud music or watch TV loud very late but they are allowed just to walk around the apartment, play the TV quietly, turn taps on and off, etc, etc. I really do sympathise with you regarding the light sleeping. But if the neighbour is technically doing nothing wrong in the way of noise then it seems a bit unfair to dob them in to the apartment manager. Besides if they're doing nothing wrong then they would not be obliged to stop.

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    Originally Posted by SarahLancaster
    I like to sleep with a noisy fan by my bed. It helps me sleep.
    Love the fan! Can't sleep without it!

    When traveling, I use a white noise app.

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