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Thread: Fear of tragedy

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    Fear of tragedy

    I find that I am in need of grief counseling. Not necessarily because of someone who has died in the past, but for fear of someone dying in the future. I have a fear of tragedy. Does anyone else experience this? I get a lot of anxiety fearing that something bad is going to happen to someone close to me. I play out scenarios in my head and it gets me to the point of tears. And I don't understand, there really hasn't been any tragic deaths that have happened to me before, but I almost think that, maybe because something tragic hasn't happened before, that I'm due for it. Every time my phone rings, I think it is someone calling to tell me bad news and I just get that sick feeling in my stomach.. especially when I get a call late at night or early in the morning. I can't go anywhere without my phone because I fear that I could miss a call and who knows what the call would be. Anytime my sister tells me my niece is sick, I get this feeling of what if it ends up being something more and something tragic happens to my niece. She turns 3 next month. How could we even get through something like that? My mind just goes to these crazy places and it's really getting out of hand.

    I should also mention that I don't deal with death very well... it is very emotional for me, so that's why I always fear that someone is going to tragically die. Even when someone dies in a TV show or movie, I cry. Funerals are so hard for me...even if I don't know the person very well, I seem to always get choked up. I come from a big Italian, Catholic family, so death is a very serious thing. We grieve hard. As I am getting older, I am realizing that other people are getting older too. For example, my grandparents. I am very blessed to still have one set of grandparents left as I am closing in on 30. So, it is becoming harder and harder knowing that one day, I am going to get that dreaded phone call. For a while, I thought maybe if I distance myself from them, it will make their passing easier, so, for a while, I stopped visiting them. I really need some help dealing my my fear of tragedy and coping with my emotions surrounding the death of others. If anyone has any advice on how to help with this, I would greatly appreciate it. Tonight, I got a call that my husband's grandpa isn't doing well and may not have a lot of time. When I heard this, I started crying. He's not even my own biological grandfather, it is my husband's grandpa. My husband wasn't crying. He hasn't even died, but just the thought made my mind go to that place. I need to get a handle on this because, one day, it will be my own grandpa and I need to start mentally preparing for that day now. I will be a mess and won't be able to handle the emotion. How do I deal with these feelings of anxiety and emotion when no one has even died yet?

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    I am sorry that you are suffering this anxiety. Maybe try to have virtual therapy for now. Suffering from severe anxiety myself I understand. Anxiety isnít logical so itís hard to understand.

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    I think you should look for an online therapist to help you with this. It's not a normal reaction and you dont need to go thru your life feeling like this.

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    Sorry to hear this. Only a qualified doctor can assess this and refer you to a therapist to get ongoing support for anxiety, obsessions, phobias, depression, etc. Don't go it alone get support from doctors, therapists, online support groups, etc.
    Originally Posted by crazyheart22
    I really need some help dealing my my fear of tragedy and coping with my emotions surrounding the death of others.


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