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Thread: Constipation and hemoroid after oral masturbation

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    Sure. Thanks. I asked doctors too and i'll be going to see a doctor after this quarantine problem. I was actually wondering if other women feel that heavy sensation in the rectum when they are stimulated in the vagina only and I am sorry for such a question. Getting Ready for a First Date

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    It's not something I have experienced or heard of in others - sorry. Haemmorrhoids are associated with constipation and I didn't think they were something you get for only a day or two, so I think your self-diagnosis might be off. As others have said, this is a question best answered by a medical professional. Your doctor might be doing telephone consultations during this time if you can't see anyone face to face, so it's still worth making contact to ask.

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    Definetly see a doctor. Have you tried putting hemmoroid cream afterwards? Could help.

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