Hi Buddy. Just read your opening message along with the following. The similarities between your situation and mine are spooky - even down to me about to turn 33 this month! I also feel like I have missed my chance to settle down with my soul mate. Speaking to people on here and reading their replies while I pour my emotions and heart out do help me though. When I get the sudden stomach sinking feeling, I reread the excellent advice posted by people who have commented on my thread and it starts to ease. Unfortunately it doesn't go completely, but I'm going to make a conscious decision tonight that this is enough moping around and every time I feel like that I need to get up off my ass and stop feeling sorry for myself, do something constructive!

Feeling sad is only natural, what helps me which is a different type of sad (haha) is watching feel good films from a mans point of view like forgetting sarah marshall! The bloke gets broken up with, goes through the cycles of denial, bargaining, missing her, crying alone at home listening to sad music - but right when he least expects it he meets a much better woman and his ex is left as single.
It has the added bonus of having some funny moments in too so next time you're feeling sad bang that film on anad if it doesn't work - have a laugh that im that crazy it works to pick me up!

Im a hypocrite for saying it, but chin up buddy and I hope it gets better soon. You're better than her and deserve better.