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Thread: Covid and relationship

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    Covid and relationship

    I work at a hospital as a CNA I recently found out we will be converted to a Covid recovery hospital. Every emotion went trough my head from anxiety to being scared. When I told me boyfriend he told we donít have a conversation her told me I need to quit. His reason is if I say at my job Iím putting him an asthmatic and he and my elderly parents at risk. At the start of that pandemic he quit he job because: 1: his parent pretty much cover all of his expenses 2:He wanted to go back to school. I love my boyfriend but I donít wanna quit my job because before this we would always argue about money. I donít wanna quit my job because I know we will only argue more about money and I donít wanna depend on his parent.If anyone is going through this any advice or suggestions?

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    I would keep my job and reconnect with your boyfriend physically once the virus has passed and you've been apart long enough so that it's safe to do so. I would quit only if you do not need the money.

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    How old is he? Are you living together?
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    Thread already exists, (Below).

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