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Thread: Guy from Tinder lied about being a student at the University I'm at. Advice?

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    Honestly, do you think he is lying because he is really 50, or he is the age he says but does not go to your school? university email means little like what others have said. You could have his spelling of his last name wrong, he goes by his middle or he doesn't have an email address if he's part time perhaps.. I would not meet him due to "stay at home" Period.

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    I agree, text him and be upfront but do it diplomatically and respectfully. Don't be perceived as confrontational, rude and accusatory. If he sounds insincere and his story doesn't add up, then tell him that the date is off, wish him all the best and part ways permanently yet firmly.

  3. 04-16-2020, 09:36 AM

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