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Thread: I did hurt badly my man because of sport...

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    Originally Posted by annabelle49
    Later I struggled not to have a strange silence that can sometimes happen. He says nothing and I make a monologue about housework. It seems that he doesn’t want to do judo anymore. I laugh a bit at first, asking him if it’s because I beat him, but he answers me aggressively that no, he just thinks it’s a waste of time.

    I haven’t talked to him about it, but he looks different like he’s worried about something, like something is broken. I don’t know. He’s cold with me, never laughs, and seems even a bit depressed.
    Well, I hope he gets over it. A few days seems like a long time to hold a grudge about something. Makes me think he's really sensitive about this. Yikes.

    Hopefully, he gets over it.

    In the meantime, maybe it would be best to drop the issue altogether for a while. Focus on other aspects of your relationship.

    As Andrina said, if you are in an otherwise good relationship, this will blow over.

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    Hello and thx all for your answers,

    Today as the Last days he was saying nothing liké Hé was Sad for no reason so I asked him again to tell me what happen and if it's Cause of judo.. Hé answer no, everything is good. And even for judo Hé wants à rematch last time Hé was not in good Shape bla bla bla... I Saïd no it goes to far anyway who care who win? Hé insist and even propose à bet thé looser do thé house work part of other during all the rest of the confinment. Because I dont want to stay in that glacial atmosphère I finally Saïd yes... And we had à normal rest of day...

    And so tomorrow we'll do our "rematch"
    QUOTE=LootieTootie;7209185]I think your hubby is insecure. My hubby and I have competitions, including sporting matches and I've beaten him too (sometimes pretty bad) but he never throws a tantrum or gives me the silent treatment. If anything, it's lots of trash talking and maybe him saying "he let me win" but it's all still fun and smiles from him.

    If this guy is who you are going to be spending your life with, you need to ask yourself if you are okay with a guy who can't put his ego in check.

    If he maintains this bitter and quiet demeanor, I would tell him to get over himself![/QUOTE]

    Just to be curious what kind of sport was it?

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    I hope that you give it your all. Don't allow him to win because you think he will feel better.

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    Honestly on normal time I would be ok to not go on 100% to avoid drama but he has put it too far by pretending he was not grudged for days longs and by putting a bet...


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    So are you going to let him "win" so he won't pout?

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    He did wake up earlier and i've caught him jog (he never in normal days) lol!
    I'll go 100% and show him again 'who s the boss'

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