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Thread: I don't know if I've upset her, she's bored of me or if she is just being nice..

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    Urrh..how do you delete a thread? I'm just being attacked and none of you are listening. Very helpful thanks

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    Originally Posted by MartinSeptim
    I don't feel going into anymore detail is really necessary to be honest with you. She would indeed video call me if I asked tho, ty for the idea I just might do so, I could get a better gauge of how she feels then I guess. I am indeed also as attached as can be to the idea of dating her, you;re right. I don't think that's a bad thing either, it shows that I'm dedicated to this one girl. I can't be fussed with anyone but her, I've not been on the "dating scene" for ages and had no interest, I just naturally really like this one girl and wish to push things forward is all
    You don't have to give detail; based on what you provided my perception (as someone unconnected to this situation and just using what you said to form this idea) is that she, like many other internet personalities with a fan base, will send personalized videos when someone from that group of individuals sends gifts or money. I can't say for certain that this is comparable to your situation or how she is interacting with other people, but again, I am making this suggestion based the information you have given.

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    Thread closed.

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