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Thread: Great Connection But no longer talking.

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    Consider it a fun fling or hookup. Do not try to build a relationship out of it. Let it go. Do not become a stalker or clinger or let people do that on your behalf. If you can't handle no-strings sex, don't do it.

    Do not give your friends and family the contact info of people you date. Tell them not to interfere, stalk or do things on your behalf.
    Originally Posted by Inittowinit
    They just looked him up on Facebook. hes in the army as a fitness instructor

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    He knows you know. Even if your friends saud you didn't. Your friends and little sister really did you a disservice.

    If he is not showing interest, which sounds like he isn't, move on. Once you look desperate to a person (that's what your friends did. they made you look immature and desperate). Its really hard to recover, especially if you are not local to each other.

    Next time you meet a guy you really like, you need to protect. Keep things just between you and him.


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