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Is it normal to not have any friends but still have an amazing relationship?
I say yes, but I don't know if it counts because I am close to my 3 sisters who live in town too. I have literally no friends and a great husband. I used to have a lot of friends in high school and college, but time goes by and people move on and I was never good in "keeping in touch" (never did Facebook or myspace). If I could tell a younger me what I need to work on, is to learn how to stay in touch. I do miss some old friends and I have no idea what happened to them.

Here are things I would suggest you do... Know what your hobbies are and build on it - you may meet someone who has the same interest and who knows, can turn out to be a great friend. If you have coworkers/classmates who you really vibe with, learn to stay in touch. Lots of my coworkers in my last job were pretty much my friends and I knew everyone quite well. I left a month ago and so far, I have trained myself to be better at staying in touch - the Coronovirus makes it easy for me to text/call people and see how they're holding up!

Do you have a dog? I have a dog so dog walks, dog parks, local dog anything classes and including dog swim center and dog herding, I go regularly. I mingle with the regulars too and we just talk about our dogs and that's it - no personal story or narrative - just dog talk. Win-win because my dog and I both get our socialization needs met :)

Volunteer work, local runs, local meet-ups or local groupon/living social events - go to them! I don't really socialize when I go to any of these events but being around people helps me feel less socially awkward and more comfortable around people- and I mean all types of people!

I lived on my own for 10 years and family/friends helped. if you can't seem to have any luck in finding good friends, just get out of your comfort zone and be around people - you don't have to force yourself to talk to them. Of course with the Virus, maybe think about a game plan how to get out more and join social activity groups after the virus. Email Origanizers or Event Coordinators about how excited you are and would like to join the next meet and ask when is the next meet. If money is an issue, do join Volunteer group - it's a couple of hours a week tops.

Being proactive goes a long way.