So Iím having a mental crisis. Iíve been with this guy for almost 2 years and we got engaged 3 months ago. Iím 24 and heís 25. We live together and have 2 dogs together. Iíve had on and off feelings about the relationship the entire time.
Iíll list off the pros and cons of dating this person.

Pros: he can be very sweet to me, Iím comfortable around him, I know he loves me and cares about me, I know I love him, heís the only person I have in my life besides my family.
Cons: he has a temper, we have differing views on a lot, I have a job and he doesnít which forces us to live with my parents because I donít make enough at my job, he doesnít show me affection the way I want it (Iíve told him this numerous times and no change), he doesnít do much for me, and we never have sex (maybe 1x every 2-3 weeks) & thatís because he doesnít want to.
I also have been missing being single.

I didnít truly start to doubt us until my ex boyfriend/former best friend messaged me wishing me a happy birthday last year.
Basically Iíve been best friends with this other guy for 8 years but itís been a complicating 8 years. I stopped being friends with this person because I could tell my boyfriend was jealous of the friendship.
So when he messaged me I messaged him back and it was a platonic thing, no flirting or anything, just catching up but I didnít tell my boyfriend. One day he visited me at work and when I saw him literally so many confusing emotions flooded out of me.

Soon after my boyfriend and I broke up because I was confused. But as soon as I broke up with him, it didnít feel right. I felt like I was supposed to stay with him and begged for him back and we got back together.
A few months later he proposed to me, I said yes. I was convinced I wanted to be with him.

But then lately Iíve been having doubts. Iím severely struggling financially, He got a job and quit it, and basically guilted me into buying a $1000 puppy I didnít want because we couldnít afford it. This was a month ago and ever since then Iíve been obsessively doubting our relationship.

He found out I was messaging my ex/best friend and I told him I just wanted to be friends but he told me he didnít want me talking to him anymore so I havenít.
Ever since Iím very quiet, confused, and depressed because I donít know what to do.

He doesnít have a job, we donít agree on the same things all the time, I donít like him kissing me anymore.

On the other hand, I do know I care about him and do love him. Iím afraid of what will happen if we did break up. I don't want to break his heart and I donít want to make the wrong decision. I feel like I canít accomplish anything being with him either. I also donít want to lie from him or keep things from him.

I just donít know what to do anymore. Iíve never been so confused in my life. I donít know what I should do. Please help.

Iím sorry if this is jumbled and confusing. Itís a lot of messy emotions and conflicting feelings.