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Thread: Z plan at work

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    Originally Posted by 1a1a
    I did have one really bad shift late last year where the boss expected me to get x, y, z done in 3 hours and in 3 and a half hours I had only managed x and y. I donít know why I was so slow that day. I do think in general Iím just not a fast worker, more methodical and slow is my nature, and at 33 years old, I donít really know that I can change this. Itís much worse when Iím trying to do things at home I just really struggle to keep focussed on the task at hand. But mixing live music doesnít require you to be fast like that (it Does require you to be fast in your reactions to what is going on in audio land but I Am fast at that, noticeably more efficient than other techs Iíve seen working....I donít think my boss know enough about sound to be able to see that though, certainly no one gives the slightest care to how peopleís mixes actually sound in my experience, so that, something I am good at, is not valued a the places I work really).
    I'm sorry you are going through this. However, I think they probably aren't valuing you because you aren't providing what they value.

    You know that the employers are less interested in quality of sound than you are. This is their right, as they are the ones paying you. Why insist on providing something they don't value at the expense of providing something they do value?

    It sounds like your competition can mix live music well and manage x, y, and z in 3 hours. The boss doesn't have to know anything about sound to know that he is getting more for his money by hiring your competition.

    It's not helping you to be a principled artist who refuses to compromise her subjective sound quality ideals. As you can see, your employers aren't interested in debates about quality. They simply buy what they want, which is offered in abundance by people who make an effort to be fast workers whether it is in their nature or not.

    Are you still chronically late?

    Originally Posted by 1a1a
    Punctuality is an ongoing struggle. Greatly exacerbated on days where achieving it means going into sleep debt because we just worked 14 hours the day before and are expected to do it all again with an 8 hour gap between shiftís end and journeyís start.

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    Originally Posted by catfeeder
    Big YES. Reliability beats all else in the view of most bosses. Every time someone needs to wonder where you are is a chalk mark against you, and the only way to erase it is to be consistently early or at very least on time for the duration of you career. I'd start making that my priority over all else.
    Yes. I agree. Even in situations where I may not have been the smartest/sharpest, etc my reliability helps me time and time again -it's one of my main selling points. Yes I am intelligent, yes I have the other skills needed, but I have true grit -I had to scrape my way up with no "connections" other than those I created myself from a young age - so when all else failed and I lacked that inside "in" I showed with my grit - and huge part is showing up if not really early then certainly on time - and following through on 100% of deadlines every single time no matter what -that my reputation was made/maintained. You cannot be late and you cannot do just x an y barring an emergency like of coronavirus magnitude. You're only 33.

    At your age I had to improve a lot on how I reacted to staff/employees who did crappy jobs for me. I had to improve how I delegated in the first place and how I treated them when they behaved in a careless or incompetent way. I did it. I was told I did it. Who cares that you're in your 30s - if being methodical is not working for you as far as meeting deadlines you have to choose ways to overcome that or step aside and let someone who is methodical and can get it done do what you are doing. I'm sorry it's like that out there. At my current position I have no interest in promotions, in being the best because it's part time. For 15 years full time I cared a great deal. I'll also tell you this. I have a really hard job as a parent. My boss is demanding, unpredictable, cranky at times - I am 53. Over the last 11 years at this job I've had to make a lot of tough changes in my job skills - and I am still a work in progress. I have really strict deadlines almost daily and it's really hard to meet them while keeping my cool. So hard. Please don't cop out or use your age as an excuse.

    Having said that I'd shift the focus away from beating yourself up about not being number one or two and instead work on ways to be your personal best. a cliche that I believe is very true in your case. Best of luck.

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