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Thread: She has a new man long distance but we talk everyday..

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    Originally Posted by JohnJ786
    When I was in hospital yesterday, her man has been in the same hospital too being tested for covid-19 (hes fine) but she said "Omg two men in the same hospital <3" but said she was joking... the fact she would joke me as being one of her "men" is kinda funny to me haha...
    Funny? Dude, you should insulted. This girl is playing you both like fiddles, and you're allowing it. She is all about the attention you give her and feeling like she's sooo desirable that she has two men on the go. But the sad part? You don't realize how weak and unattractive it's making you look to her.

    Take it from someone who once played silly games like her when I was a kid at her age. She has little to no respect for you. She knows you aren't strong enough to set down appropriate boundaries with her and refuse to play back-up to her current boyfriend, so she texts you when she wants attention. But I promise you, it's not because she is in love with you. She uses you, John. A lot. When you're no longer of use to her, she will discard you for good. Mark my words; the damage here is already done. We ladies can't respect a guy who so willingly plays second fiddle. It's an attraction-killer, for anything beyond some flirting and casual fun. You'll probably realize this too late, when she's dropped you both for someone else altogether.

    And think about how low your own standards have sunk. She's got a boyfriend in the hospital, and she's texting another guy? This girl is low-quality. Terrible girlfriend material. I know you feel awesome now because you're getting attention from her, but you would be very foolish to try to date her again. She would be texting another guy when you thought you were her boyfriend again, too.

    Throw all caution to the wind yet again and keep this up if you want, but know that it's never going to last, man. Sorry.

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    Thread already exists, (below).

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