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Thread: Feeling lost need advice. :)

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    Well if he was single while you were talking, obviously he wasn't that interested in you because he chose another woman over you. If he liked you a lot he would have asked you on a date and not started seeing someone else.

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    Leave him alone. He is with another girl. If you two were to be a couple, how would you feel if he texted another girl?
    If he said ”we’re just friends”? That just met...

    Would you trust him?

    Leave him alone, when he talks about the future, push it out of your mind. You can not live in a ”maybe in the future” situation. You need to live today.

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    Pat yourself on the back because you dodged a bullet with this guy. He is a guy with a girlfriend who has no problems with cheating had you been a willing participant. He was testing you to see if he could move you into a side chick position. Because whatever the dynamic is established as from day ONE is what it will always be, no matter what he says otherwise.

    Good job for calling him out and backing off from him. I'm sure you liked him, but he has a serious character flaw. He is not worth your time. If you cross paths with him in the future, nothing positive will come from it. You will only trade places with his current girl. So push him out of your mind and keep dating. There are some really good guys out here so dont waste anymore of your energy with a cheater. Good luck!!

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    Thank you so much smjackson! Yes since before i met him i tried to avoid him cause he was one of my manager. He told me that he wondered if i felt the same before cause i was hard to read lol... but apparently i was playing hard to get and i knew also is inappropriate for work and i respect him and his gf. Then i move days cause we were working nights before. Then we've met again when he moved to days and he says i was running away from him but then he have me back. But you know, I did not think of him that much now. I am so busy working and always keep my self busy Thank you very much for the advice, it helps a lot!


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