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No i don't. I have nieces and nephews, which i am sure you don't feel count.
It counts if you've had hands on experience and have tried out something before you want to tell your current partner they can't do it.

The older cousins do not spend the night with the younger cousins.
And what would happen if there were only slightly older cousins, would they never have sleepovers? Would their aunt and uncle never want to spend more than an hour or two with them?
The ones that are close in age and are especially close do for sure.
That's nice. I have a feeling that if Op's daughter had the chance, she could be close with these boys as well... especially the six year old (that very well could be five but the Op doesn't even know and is just guessing).

The girlfriend of one years's nephews are not her cousins.
They are if they intend on blending the family. They are step-cousins but kids don't give a care about the title anyway if they are having fun with their step mom's family.

How would a sleepover with 6 and 10 year old boys benefit a 4 year old girl? I see no benefit to her.
They would play together, they would have fun together, they would eventually bond, they would become more like family and the only child would have children to play with... which all children need to have.

I see benefit to the OP's girlfriend to have her nephew's over, but not the other way.

I think babysteps - let her have her nephews over with the daughter out of the picture for sure, but i don't find it necessary or benefcial to the daughter to have 2 older boys spending the night to "spend time with her".
As you've said but there IS benefit to it as I've said.
Have them come for the day and see how it goes but i don't see how "spending the night" is a benefit.
Well, its a nice reprieve for the boys parents, It's fun to wake up and have breakfast with your new family, it's a nice change from the routine of only having adults to talk to...I could go on. If you've ever had a sleep over when you were a child then you'd know how much fun it can be whether they be boys or girls.
if the OP's gf had a 3-6 year old niece, maybe.
Careful, your sexist slip is showing.

i was the "little kid" whose arm got pulled out of the socket when the "older kids" next door. who "wanted to play with me" played with me. So just sayin' from experience.
So in other words your opinion is based on projection. I am a girl and I once was given a black eye by a girl my age because I wouldn't get off the swing in my backyard when she deemed it. They are children, their sex isn't an issue at this point.

Adding: If it wasn't so obvious that the Op is the one that doesn't want the boys to stay over but makes his thread about how he can tell his g/f while he pretends its about the well being of his daughter, when it's all about him, I wouldn't be so intent on making my point.

Op: should have the courtesy to at least see how an overnighter goes and then he will at least be able to communicate honestly about the subject. By all accounts, he doesn't even want them to stay overnight when it's his ex wife's custody time so if that isn't about him and what he wants (not what is best for his daughter) I don't know what is.