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Thread: Bad temper

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    Mar 2016
    I used to work with a guy who would have angry outbursts like that at work. But he was actually a very nice guy who wouldn't hurt a fly.

    This was over 13 years ago. He was a couple years younger than me, and I think that's what he grew up thinking that men did.

    I don't think it lead to violence with his girlfriend. He was very devoted to her. I knew her too. She probably would have hit him upside the head if he ever tried to hurt her.

    He was just irritating to work alongside, is all.

    I had a boyfriend years ago who would act out his anger by hitting things and flying into an incoherent rage, etc.

    I first met him when I was 15. We were together until I was 17, and then we got together again when I was about 28.

    He didn't come from a good family, and he never learned to deal with things properly.

    He had a heart of gold, though. He was always protective of the underdog, always kind to animals, etc. He was a wonderful father. He just had this stupid temper.

    He never hit me or insulted me. But his temper was an impediment to forward progress of our relationship. He was too reactive, and as a result I couldn't trust his long term decision-making ability.

    When I was in college, I worked with a man who was very quiet and pleasant. Always had a smile on his face. One day he went home and killed his wife and infant child. Then he killed himself.

    It was unbelievable.

    Just goes to show you never can tell.

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    Agree. The abuse here is not a broken vases, glasses, furniture,etc. It is the terror. Carrying on like this will make life a miserable place....for her. He's acting like a 2 y/o in a grown man's body which for her is no doubt a scary situation.

    It is sad that in this day and age people are ignorant about abuse. Football, boxing, paintball whatever are games. Terrorizing your partner with chaos, violence and destruction is not a game nor an arcade gimmick. It's not a controlled expected situation like games or arcade gimmicks like smashing things for fun and venting.
    Originally Posted by SherrySher
    I feel that it doesn't matter how angry you get, you don't cross certain lines, such as throwing things or punching walls.

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    Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared
    My father used to smash and break things as a tyrant tactic and occasionally hit my mom. I donít tolerate this crap from anyone anywhere I donít care who they are. Bullying tactics get my dander right around ratchet point.

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