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Thread: Worried about my ex

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    Worried about my ex

    My ex boyfriend and I broke up end of January after having an on again off again relationship for 3+ years. The break-up was mutual, but he broke it off eventually on a harsh way. Resulting in me backing away for a full 100% and going NC immediately. Weíve had break ups before in which I would always turn into the missing ex who desperately wanted him back, but not this time. Iíve not messaged/called/seen him and I am intentionally staying away from places where he can be (gym mostly).

    Last week I went over to his parents because his mom asked me to come pick up my stuff that was still there. Itís been a month since the break up so for me this was fine, my ex bf would not be home anyways. I have a good relationship with his family and no one saw it coming this time (this were better than ever and we were looking into buying a house, until stress on his side played itís toll with illness in his family).

    Had a good conversation with his mom and dad and they kind of worriedly told me how my ex boyfriend has never been more closed off than he is right now. He does not talk to anyone, when people ask him how heís doing he always says heís okay and cuts off the conversation. He cuts off his parents and he is obsessively hitting the gym. Next to that he spends the entire weekends and evenings in his bed watching tv. Iím worried about him. Itís not like him to be like this. When we would break up in the past, he would be with friends all weekend long, not cutting off his parents and spending his time in bed..... Itís not like him at all. I felt the urge a few times to send him a message or call him because of my worries. But on the other side, NC is going good and Iím feeling a bit better each day... Is it ok to reach out and get him to finally talk to someone since he probably hasnít done so since the break up, or should I keep focusing on myself and leave him in the past?

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    Still have not reached out to him, but worries have not disappeared. Really not sure about what will do good...

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    He has friends family and parents who can worry about him. Worry about deleting and blocking him and all his people from all your messaging apps and social media, so you can start moving forward. He is not your problem anymore. He is a grown up and can take care of himself and his family interactions.
    Originally Posted by Sunflowering
    Still have not reached out to him, but worries have not disappeared.

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