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Thread: Mental Health got in the way - 3.5 year relationship- Mixed signals

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    Apr 2018
    Why are you jumping through hoops for her?

    She wants to be with you but can't/not right now etc. These are just BS excuses. She doesn't want to be with you but loves the attention and ego boost you give her.

    She has no right to say she doesnt want you seeing other girls. It's not her business.

    You got ill, she dumped you. Forget her and any other woman at this point. You need to get better first. Relationships are of less importance than your health currently.

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    i think she let you go and now you need to focus on yourself and handling your illness.

    Ask your mom not to tell you about their texts etc.....

    Let the future worry about the future... meaning get your head into the now and your mental health.

    Forget her, as best you can.... I know its hard and you are dealing with mental illness and anxiety so it's hard to forget anything like this... but work with the doctor to get strategies for managing your thoughts.

    Good luck

  3. 03-02-2020, 09:48 PM

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