Iíll be a bit less harsh, because Iíve been in your shoes before.

My boyfriend had said and done some things that I felt at the time, I could not forgive or get past. At the same time, Iíd met someone who was new and fun and made me laugh a lot. But it wasnít so easy to just let go of my comfort zone. So I spent a few weeks in the tormented stage that youíre in, knowing no matter what I decided, Iíd hurt someone.

Hereís what you need to understand. Your partner will do and say things that upset you. Some days youíll feel the love more than others. And there will occasionally be temptation, sometimes maybe even enough to make you question things. All of this will ALWAYS be true.

If you want to have a happy relationship, you have to make the decision to commit through those things. You have to decide every day that your commitment is more important than any passing moment or temptation. You have to choose your partner. Every. Single. Time.

It will not be the lack of temptation that solidifies your relationship. It will be your commitment to forego the temptation and choose to love your partner.