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Thread: Married a narc/sociopath, divorced 3 months later

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    Married a narc/sociopath, divorced 3 months later

    I am at a point in my life where I am reeling from what happened to me. I am in a state of cognitive dissonance still, so I do not think I fully comprehend what has happened to me yet. I met a guy 1.5 years ago on Tinder. He was perfect to me, everything about him. Everything I ever wanted. It was just after the wedding invitations went out that I noticed he would say hurtful things, and apologize but it wasn't genuine whatsoever. My unease began growing, but I thought it could be wedding jitters. I had no idea what the actual issue was but I didn't feel right. I will go into detail of everything that happened and the red flags. But for now, I just want to know if anyone has ever been through something like this. Experienced severe gaslighting, lying, and feeling like the rug was pulled from underneath you in a second.

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    You posted this last month and got lots of responses.
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    Is there new information you want to share or get help with?

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    I've been on the receiving end of severe gaslighting all my life until I discovered the psychological warfare definition of the very word. Same thing with narcissism and sociopaths as well. Now that I know all the signs of all 3 and what to look for, I'm on my guard as opposed to my past when I was quite naive. Live and learn.

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    Thread already exists, (below)

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