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Thread: Ex engaged a month into new relationship!

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    Platinum Member boltnrun's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
    Originally Posted by Rebecca22
    Oh he has explored we had a couple months break at one point.
    Two months isn't enough for a guy who has been part of a couple since he was 12.

    I went to high school with a girl who dated the same guy from age 14 to age 21. He proposed when she was about 18, she said yes, the wedding plans went forward. Two weeks before the wedding she called it off. She realized it wasn't very healthy for her to limit herself to one guy at such a young age. It's a shame it took her so long and he was crushed, but she knew she couldn't tie herself to him when she'd had no other experience.

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    Platinum Member bluecastle's Avatar
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    Dec 2017
    What are you hoping for here? That his new relationship turns out to be a hot mess? That if it does lead to marriage it's an awful marriage? That he gets this out of system sooner than later, and "rebounds" back to you?

    I'm very sorry for the pain you're in right now. Breakups suck. But whatever choices he's making right nowówell, those are his choices, his path, not a verdict on you or whatever you guys shared, good and bad, over your six years together.

    What do you want your path to look like? I'd focus on that right now, and try to find strength and peace there, rather than in wondering about him and wishing things don't work out. That's just a path toward bitterness.

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    Platinum Member Clio's Avatar
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    It doesn't matter whether it's a rebound or not. Yes, based on the timing it sounds like a rebound. But he could actually end up marrying her. Or break up and get with someone else. Or pack up and immigrate to the North Pole. So what? At 18 he is liable to make all kinds of mistakes and random things but none of it has anything to do with you anymore. He is not doing it to spite you. It's just him carrying on with his life. In the meantime you are keeping yourself stuck by focusing on him, someone who is no longer part of your life. The sooner you stop monitoring what he does, the sooner you wil be free to get your life back. Accept the break up. It HAS happened and it couldn't have played out another way or it would have. Let go.

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