Typo: Perpetrators think should you complain or argue with them over their disrespectful behavior towards you (narcissism / manipulations / or anything rude), they'll see to it that you will regret it. WW3 will ensue. They'll vehemently deny all wrongdoing, accuse you of being a nutcase / loose cannon / pot stirrer / trouble maker and you'll end up defending yourself until they wear you down. You'll either end up groveling and asking for their forgiveness to take you back into their good graces for the sake of your son or estrangement occurs. Can you tell I've experienced this very scenario in my past? I'm trying to save you the trouble. It's a lost cause so change your tack. Be smart and play your cards right.

I'm in your shoes, Lisa Love. I'm in the same boat. I know exactly how you feel.

Do the bare minimum for the sake of your son's happiness (receiving presents / time with his cousins & grandparents), practice good diplomacy and go home in that order; no more no less. Everyone gets what they want for the sake of the 'Norman Rockwell' picture and you will have peace during the majority of the year.

Being peaceful is not to be confused with the word "chummy." Remain calm, stoic, poised, polite, well mannered and go home. This is how I am and it definitely works. Act classy but it doesn't mean you have to go out of your way to think positively in a fake, phony, over zealous cheery manner. Hold your own. I'm not telling you to act like a grouch either. Just be even keel, act natural, be pleasant and possess aplomb. Like me, with practice you will become an expert at composure and admirable bearing.

You're also teaching your son through your fine example how to act with class during challenging situations when you'd rather not be with people whom you're uncomfortable with. Your son will face the same challenges as he grows up and well into adulthood. It's about keeping the peace at all costs despite not admiring those you are with. It's life.