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Thread: Child sacrificing for this mother

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    Platinum Member itsallgrand's Avatar
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    Originally Posted by redsox22
    I didnít give him that message. He know that too.
    I disagree. Actions speak louder than words.
    If you made a genuine mistake with the date, and it was really important to you that he not be in this position, you'd be doing something on your end to try and make it different. Saying you feel bad is easy to do, but someone taking action is where you see what they really value.
    Doesn't matter if you intend to break a chair, so to speak, you still pay for it.

    Maybe I'm misreading and his wrestling wasn't all that important to him, etc., but I guess for me it just doesn't sit right how you are handling it. And the more I read, the worse it seems, but hey that's just me. You seem pretty set on letting this lie on his shoulders and framing it as a generous sacrifice.

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    Bronze Member redsox22's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
    This has gone way off track. And thatís ok. I realize there are many interpretations of things from folks who only have partial information.

    Thanks to everyone who chimed in. I really do appreciate the responses.

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    Jan 2018
    Whew! Your son just restored my hope in humanity!

    (just watched a video of teenagers who are doing this 'skull-breaker' challenge where two kids try to kick the middle kid to fall on the back of their head!)

    Don't feel bad. The wedding means more to him than the tournament and if he has already made the decision, then all you can do is accept it and smile that you've got a great kid who is going to be a great man.

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