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Thread: My GF hired a stripper - Impartial advice please

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    It just doesn't sound like you two are compatible. You don't agree with her choices, which trigger your trust issues, so there really isn't much to salvage here once the trust has gone out the window.

    In terms of the stripper, some people might consider this a deal breaker, some not. What matters here is that you're both on the same page, which clearly you're not.

    The one thing I do take issue with though is you providing input on her divorce settlement. You'll never truly know what happened between her and her ex-husband, what she had to endure during the marriage, and what factors the parties relied on to reach this settlement. I.e. - What was his income? What was her income? Who was the main breadwinner? Do they have kids? Who has custody? Was she a stay-at-home mom? How long were they married? What was their lifestyle? Etc., etc. Plus, if the settlement was truly unfair and unjust, they wouldn't have settled the case; the ex would have pushed to have the matter heard at trial (I'm assuming it didn't proceed to trial since you referred to a 'divorce settlement'). I just don't think it's fair for any outsider to impose their opinion on something so personal. To you this settlement might seem unfair, but to her, she might feel as if she's barely keeping her head above water, even with the settlement.

    I doubt you'd appreciate someone criticizing you and how you managed your divorce proceedings - especially a third party who had no part in your relationship.
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