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No it's totally fine!!! So many don't know about it and like I said I didn't even know many others had it -weirdly I met people who had it during high school and college (and my sister has it but my parents do not). It's one of those things where you're not going to discuss it because it's gross and also as far as help -I'm not sure if therapists want you to vomit to get it over with and see it's not so bad. I wasn't up for that if that was the case lol.

I still do get triggered. So if someone has a cold I'll go to their house. But not if they have a stomach bug or have had one very recently. Won't let my kid go either. (But it's all a matter of degree- obviously we can pick up a bug anywhere I just monitor the risks). A new facebook friend who just moved to my neighborhood wanted to meet the other day in her lobby since I was going to be right on her block. She'd had a stomach bug the night before. No, I didn't meet her that day. And my friend who doesn't have the phobia at all said -of course you didn't -it would have been awkward if she wanted to shake your hand, etc. Sorry if I'm giving too many details. In the last 10 years the phobia subsided. It started in the early 1970s.
Thank you.

Makes complete sense. I also try to stay away from from any kind of stomach bug. And I stay away from others when I'm sick. Wish more people would!