For background, just coming out of a pretty heavy relationship, decided to jump into the dating game recently. Met a lovely guy on a dating app, we went out for drinks last week and we literally didn't stop talking, it was wonderful, we only hugged goodbye (to my disappointment).

I got a little drunk over the weekend with some friends and was sending him a few flirty messages, he responded back. We continued talking to each other on Monday, and again, quite flirty and he invited me over Monday night at around 8/9pm. We watched a movie in his bed and some TV and talked until about 1am and then he kind of just curled up and went to sleep, I wasn't going to drive home that late so I just laid there fully clothed - when I woke up he was literally as far away from me on the other side of his bed and the morning was so awkward, it felt like he just wanted me to leave.

I get such a good vibe from him but I've never slept fully clothed in a man's bed before and he didn't even try to make a move? Is he not attracted to me? The messages we sent were pretty dirty so why/did he really just invite me over to watch a movie? Maybe I'm reading into this wrong..