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Thread: How can I leverage this comment my boss made?

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    Platinum Member catfeeder's Avatar
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    If you're called to work more than anybody else, you have a case to bring to your manager. Bring him a proposal for balancing the workload to avoid burnout, because you believe that the current off-business hours that you're putting in are burning you out now.

    If your pay is good and all else adds up to wanting to stay with this company, you might also consider moving closer to your job.

    Otherwise, if your boss in unreceptive to your proposal, seek another position, but leave the punitive motivations out of it. There will always be companies that operate like a "don't model" for learning, and when you find yourself employed by one of those, take the experience you've gained to a great resume, and apply with other firms. Do NOT complain about your current work life in your interviews. Just tell them you've outgrown the learning opportunities with your current firm and would like to expand your knowledge and skills. Pinpoint the areas of the job posting that intrigue you, and offer to junior in those areas in exchange for superior skills in your areas of strength.

    Work is not a therapeutic environment, so seeking appreciation from a company isn't the way to advance. Proposing solutions to a problem is your best bet.

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    Your boss is a workaholic and rotating on call is part of the job you signed up. This isn't going to change or get "leveraged" with a compliment to your skills. Your boss can't exempt you from these other duties while your coworkers pick up your slack, especially when staff is small and it will be noticed immediately. Consider also that if staff is trimmed and not replaced despite having all this work, there is a good possibility that the bottom line for the company is not that healthy.

    If this job is not working for you, then you leverage your skills by finding a job with a work/life balance culture and no on call hours. It shouldn't even be that hard as companies who do this tend to advertise it heavily as one of the benefits of working there.

    Work smart not hard.

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    Any manager worth their salt wants to hear from employees about work life balance and feeling burnt out.

    List out the extra hours you are working. Data doesn't lie. but be careful tooting your own horn or even throwing your boss' praise back at them.

    Its worth a conversation to see what can be done. Also being clear about how much your working can help you decide if you want to look where.

    Never threaten to leave or act high and mighty about your worth to the company... that never results in your favor.

    Because to your own point, "unmatched abilities" sounds pretty subjective.

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