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Thread: Timeline of healing

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    Apr 2019

    Timeline of healing

    Me and my ex (25 and 24) broke up start of 2019, but remained in each others lives on and off until October 2019, where we went on a pre-booked 1 month holiday. There are one or two other posts about that.

    After returning from that, I stopped all contact. Around 3 weeks ago, she messaged me to ask how my family in Wuhan and how I am personally doing here in Aus. I kept the response very brief, and said I was doing great. Did not give anything to continue the conversation.

    I hope I did okay there.

    These days, I still think about her a few times a day. Sometimes I get pangs in my stomach but it is minor. I have an aversion to going places where she may be (we are in a relatively small town.) If someone mentions her, It can put my mood down. If somehow I see a picture of her through a mutual friends facebook, I feel pretty bad for a few hours. I still miss her a lot.

    Compared to when we broke up last year, I definitely feel a lot better. But recently I haven't seen any further improvement.

    Is this it? Is this how I will always feel?

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    Good you are feeling better. It is common after a breakup to be friendzoned like this with intermittent chitchat as she's doing. When you are ready, you can block and delete her and all her people from all your messaging apps and social media. This way you can move forward and start rebuilding your life.
    Originally Posted by Tech5
    Compared to when we broke up last year, I definitely feel a lot better.

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    Me and my ex were broken up about 8 months and then we got back together last year. He broke up with me in December. I feel I am in a similar spot to you. It hurts and you dont want to think about them. He left me, and I feel distraught and depressed. My room is dirty and its hard for me to take care of myself. I think about him a lot and I just want it to go away. I am waiting for the day I dont feel like this.


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