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Thread: Is this disrespectful?

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    Originally Posted by DancingFool
    Inviting his coworkers without consulting with you was wrong. Hands down. Strike one.

    Calling and texting you and making feel rushed and frazzled and like the odd man out because they all decided to change the time while you were busy with other things was wrong. Strike two.

    Telling him to go ahead and go was your bad. Don't ever tell a person to go and then be upset they took you at your word. That said, if he had an ounce of give a fck about you, he would have told you to relax and get changed and they'll wait. My impression is that he was rearing to take off and acting like you were holding everyone back and being an inconvenience. This guy sucks.

    Running off with his coworkers, one of whom you have a bad feeling about. Strike three and he is out. NO matter how you spin it, he showed you that he cares more about hanging out with those chics, possibly one of them more than the other, than he cares about you. He treated you, his gf, like a third wheel in this. I'd give him the proverbial boot for that and be done. Never waste your time and life on a guy who treats you like an option. Besides, it sounds like him being rude is the least of your problems here.
    I agree with this 100%! How is everything going now? I hope you were able to express your concerns with him and you've called it a day with him. He doesn't deserve your time; he obviously doesn't respect it.

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    Well personally I am all about politeness and consideration of others because this is how I was brought up. So I think it's rude in any situation when you were invited to something to just go ahead and invite other people without asking permission. It's just bad manners.

    I get it because I have an ex who was quite socially unaware and did things like this on a regular basis and it really annoyed me. I remember one time when we only just started dating, we were meeting in a cafe (I presumed for a date) and my ex just turned up with a friend of theirs and said the friend would be joining us! And never mentioned anything to me prior to that! I do think that is very rude.

    I feel like maybe your boyfriend is the same and he's socially unaware and kind of self focused. Some people are not trying to be deliberately rude but it might just be their way of thinking and/or their upbringing. My ex did similar things on a semi regular basis and said they were genuinely unaware that their behaviour was rude and didn't mean anything bad by it.

    It sounds to me like your boyfriend is a bit too self-focused or for some reason cares more what his work colleagues think. Like why did he feel the need to invite his colleagues along? Also if the girls turned up early then THEY should be waiting for you. If he expected that he was just gonna blow up your phone with calls and you'd drop everything, that's wrong.

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