I hope your relationship will survive. However, I'm doubtful. There are too many distrust issues which are very difficult if not impossible to recover from.

I've had people accuse me of wrongdoing while I was completely innocent and even if they were to apologize, those negative memories left such a bad taste in my mouth that I desired to exit the relationship permanently deep within my bones no matter who it was in my life at the time. Something inside me simply died that day. There's no going back either. My spirit got up and left. This is human nature and quite universal. You can't expect anything less IMHO.

Accusations, name calling, labels, gaslighting, insincerity, lying, deceit, narcissism, betrayals and the whole ugly lot are so painful. Often times, people never have amnesia and will never get over it unless they carve out their own new boundaries and feel safe without said perpetrator in their lives. Personally, for me, I feel protected from harm whenever I've rid of certain questionable characters from my life. It's the way it is.