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Thread: My girlfriend and her ex

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    Originally Posted by Ghaswell
    She lost her dad a few years Ago and hasn’t grieved for him so we decided not to get into a relationship whilst she’s still so mentally not great if you know what I mean. She has never ever said she likes her ex like that, she was the one who ended it and has never said anything hinting she likes her. That’s why she’s so confused coz she was so happy with me and hadn’t even thought about her ex like that
    I don't believe she never even thought of her ex like that. I realize she's probably telling you this, but her actions don't support that notion.

    Look, if she were over that relationship and totally into you, the ex wouldn't be able to stir any confusion for her. It would be a non-issue. But it is an issue. She still has feelings for her, as you've just discovered but not yet really accepted.

    Sorry, friend. It sucks, but she's not as into you or your relationship as you'd hoped.

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    TBH I think she was just needing you as a healing tool and nothing more. She may not have intentionally did this, but that is what some people tend to do. And this could be a reason why it's so off and on. She never had true feelings for you.

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