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Thread: He talks nonstop about his exwife

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    I suggest you do not 'give him any friendly advice', except that you can't do this with him
    HE needs to realize & accept he is NOT over his ex at this time. ( rebounding). Whether re: memories or anger.
    He is not relationship material.

    Friends.. no more. For your own sanity. He just can't do it.. Hope he realizes this.

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    Originally Posted by Lambert
    Girlfriend, get out of this situation today!

    Do not allow yourself to be used to heal him.

    I'm not saying hes a total jerk. He might not realise he's doing it. Its on YOU to realise it and stop it.

    Long term this will heal him, but destroy you!
    Agree! He probably doesn't even realizing he's doing it. But you realize it, and it's not fair to you!

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