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Thread: Not sure how to proceed?

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    Originally Posted by catfeeder
    If this is not your first choice of a place to study if it were not for this guy, I'd rethink my options. This is about your future, and this guy is not planning to be a part of that, or at least not to the degree that you imagined.

    Make this less about him, more about you. What would you choose to do had you never met this guy?
    I came to the college in the first place for the study abroad program. The best program for my major as well.

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    Platinum Member catfeeder's Avatar
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    Originally Posted by jenniferjen
    I came to the college in the first place for the study abroad program. The best program for my major as well.
    Good. Focus there, and don't invest in anyone who isn't equally invested in you.

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    I'd dump this guy and fast. You really don't need to chase one guy, when you have so many other options to meet other guys and have FUN!

    To my younger self, I would say the same thing. Sometimes we hold on to people that are not even meeting our needs bc of fear.

    Recognize your own needs. Instead of fighting him, to get him, to meet your needs, meet your own needs.

    Make your own plans for studying abroad. Be open to making new friends and new expereinces WITHOUT HIM. After all that's what studying abroad is about.

    Dont make it a miserable expereince for yourself, by attaching your happiness to what he is doing.

    That is giving him too much power. You may find, once you push past him, that you have a much better time and dont even miss him!

    In fact, this could be the greatest time of your life.... Don't squander opportunities to enjoy your life. Be open to receive... Let him be with his friend.... You go have a great adventure!

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