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Thread: How long would you wait for " I love you"

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    Once it's over, it's best to move forward. Clearly few people would willingly stay in a loveless situation, no less for this long. So it's a rhetorical question.
    Originally Posted by irka000
    after 1, 5 year your gf/ bf cherish you but is not there yet , where love is concerned.

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    Originally Posted by irka000
    Another angle ...
    What would you do if you would find out that after 1, 5 year your gf/ bf cherish you but is not there yet , where love is concerned.
    Would you carry on the relationship or would you leave ?
    It's completely hypothetical because with one exception I regret I didn't have sex without being in love -mutual love-with serious potential for marriage -so doubtful we'd get to 1.5 years in that situation (my first time ever, we did -we waited that long but he'd said he loved me way before that). I would leave because if we weren't engaged by then then that's fine but it likely should be imminent -including marriage -so if he's not there yet after all that time, when?

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    Are you trying to find approval to return to your previous relationship?

    You obviously want to reconcile. You don't need anyone's approval to do so.

    If you think things will be better this time then go ahead and tell him yes. Things will either be better or they won't.

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