Iím glad that you came to the conclusion that the father of your child is not actually a bad guy or father.
Iím also glad that you clarified that to people that automatically assumed he was based on your own admission of dramatising .

In order to get the best advice , one needs to be honest with themself and not try to sugar coat things in their favour.
Itís an anonymous forum and ok to admit ones own wrong doings.
And by doing so , you will receive honest , upfront advice.
By not doing so , you will get biased advice ( unless people read between the lines)

As per forum rules, this thread can not be deleted (you signed up to that when you agreed to them) but thatís ok.
Itís still anonymous !

There is nothing to suggest he has mental health issues , him being concerned about losing his daughter , should you split up is a genuine concern. Because courts favour the mother.
And him being upset about that during an argument where you both discussed splitting up is totally understandable.

The lack of communication is two sided.
Talk to him! And more importantly , listen to him!?