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Thread: Almost 10 years and counting...

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    Originally Posted by Wiseman2
    What is a "love level"? It it a thing in your country or a translation from your language?
    - There are levels of love. Sometimes a person can love you a little, moderately, or a lot, or not at all, or only as a friend. And love can go up or down depending on how people interact. Often when a person has a high level of romantic love for another, we say that they are "in love". beginning levels of love include terms such as butterflies, sparks, compatibility, etc. Chemistry means two people have a level of love strong enough that they project it so that the other picks it up and it fuels their fire also. When chemistry is strong enough you get fireworks. Also, some people misinterpret their own love for another persons - this is how stalkers are born (their radar is broken). Depending on how a person feels about another can impact a relationship tremendously. In fact, the number one reason people marry is because of love. The main reason people fight wars is because they love their family and want to protect them. Emotions, particularly love, are a big part of human patterns.

    There is a famous book titled, He's Just Not That Into You. You could replace that title with the phrase, He/She Just Doesn't Love You. It means the same thing. I just call a spade a spade.

    Estimating a person's love level is one of the most important things when trying to unravel the mysteries of relationships. In fact, a lot of people naturally gauge how much others like or love them - the ability to do this has been called intuition, radar, gut feelings, etc. But sometimes people dismiss it, even the experts and that can be a huge mistake - love is a really big deal.

    I'm American and a Relationship coach specializing in love. I like your posts.
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    It seems like youíre in a relationship all alone. Have you brought this to his attention ? I think if he is not willing to change or put forth effort you should break up with him. As much as it would hurt, sounds like you too have grown apart. You also got together so young! So much can change in that amount of time

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