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Thread: My wife is lying to me on her eating habits need some advice.

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    Yes I too was wondering why you were giving her such unhealthy food ( although my first thought as I pointed out was why you were GIVING her food you had decided on
    Your lack of nutritional awareness makes me wonder whether you have ever experienced any type of weight struggles yourself , not the odd one two or five pounds but serious weight struggles ?
    Or are you one of these people who sits back and eats what they like whilst maintaining your weight ? . In my experience these types are often extremely judgemental and have zero understanding of why everyone isnít Ďlike them Ď and doesnít just Ď have some control Ď
    Look up some of the recent literature by actual gastroenterologist on obesity and genetists . Iím not saying that what we eat is not part of the puzzle but itís more complex than food in food out
    If it were that simple NOBODY would have a weight problem nobody would overeat and you would have a Nobel prize

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    Originally Posted by boltnrun
    Nutrition information for Lunchables:
    Oscar Mayer Lunchables Turkey & Cheddar with Crackers 3.2 oz Tray
    Calories 260.
    Calories from fat 120.
    Total Fat 13g. 20%
    Saturated Fat 7g. 35%
    Cholesterol 40mg. 13%
    Sodium 670mg. 28%
    Total Carbohydrates 22g.

    Are you checking the fat and sodium content or just the calorie count? Because those things are unhealthy AF and full of preservatives. NOT "healthy".
    I agree AND if she chose to eat that to work on portion control I'd have a different opinion - meaning rather than buy herself a whole box of chips or crackers, she'd eat that to sort of see what makes her full, plus there is protein at least and calcium etc. -and some people working on weight loss need to divide their food into pre-made portions (easy enough to do with foil or plastic bags but also more convenient to start with something like that or "lean cuisine"). My issue is he is giving that to her like a parent who packs lunch for their child so there's no benefit at all and huge detriments -the controlling behavior, etc.

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    I'd like to just jump in with a last comment and say...Also not everyone minds dating someone chubby/overweight. I eat fine but I probably drink too much wine s sometimes. I've always been a bigger girl. I'm size 16 Australian (12-14 US?). I'm like 14 kg (28 pounds?) overweight. Since I've been this size, none of the people I dated told me to lose weight or anything. I'm even on a plus size dating app now and I'm getting plenty of messages. My point is that OP's wife doesn't have to slim down for him or whatever. She can find men who actually like a voluptuous woman. I mean, unless she's gained weight over time? People do put on weight though when they get older, it's because their metabolism slows down.

    I also think that there are kind of extremes of eating. So one extreme is eating junk food, but the other extreme is eating smoothies, protein shakes, green juices. I mean it's OK to have them but to me it just seems like a "health nut" approach. It's also fine just to eat normal meals, like a stir fry, roast chicken with roast vegetables, healthy stuff that's not crazy. Just drinking a smoothie is also not that filling. So makes sense why someone would eat more food afterwards.

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