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Thread: Self conflict with trust issues with model GF

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    Platinum Member Gary Snyder's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    This is not necessarily a long distance relationship. It's 3 hours away and they see each other twice a month. Granted, it's not as nice as seeing someone who lives only 20 minutes away.

    My concerns are Im constantly afraid that shes cheating on me, she tells me how she gets hit on heavily frequently; and has told me she cheated in a prior relationship once in the past and feels poor about it.
    - She may be more mature now, and might not cheat again.

    If you can see her regularly, the relationship could work. Twice a month is not much, but it might be enough? I would prefer to see 3 or 4 dates a month.

    But if she sees you enough - women who have integrity and are in love are naturally monogamous.

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    Nov 2008
    just because she is a model doesn't mean she will cheat. I have two friends who are models, and they talk about how hard it was/is to meet someone. They don't want to date people in their industry because people move around or travel too much to have a stable relationship, people don't consider asking them out because they feel the answer would be no. most models are not supermodels, they might model for local stores, local or regional publications, or for things only people within an industry would see (modeling for an event to attract people who choose what they carry at their department store).

    If she were not a model would you feel the same?

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