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I just need to explain, I am approaching 40, not 30, and he never provided for me financially, I live in a country where you get public insurance for sick leave affirmed by a doctor, granted less than my salary but ok , he does usually treat me on lunches during weekends, but itís not much. I buy pretty much most of my food and pay my expenses by myself, always have, he does pay more than me sometimes on vacation trips but nothing huge.
I think its best to move back to the capital where you will have a job. If he truly wanted to be with you, he would accept a period of long distance - traveling to see you and you traveling to see him periodically until you were well enough to work full time and could have more options and at that point he would have plenty of time to make connections in the capital. If you have been together 11 years, and you have never married, its not going to happen with him, nor should.

it could be after you stand firm and after a few months of you back in the capital, he could change his mind, but to what end? When you are healthy again, you may meet a much better man, too