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Thread: He told me he was blocking me and we were done.

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    Originally Posted by Heartbroken7
    he told me what an awful person i was for accusing him he said i dont think or ask before accusing him that he is not a liar and he was done not to contact him this time we are done and he means it...
    Was he just angry and he will come back around or is he really done? I love him we had good times we were together a year..i want him back but he doesnt want to talk...
    This sounds like he is very done to me, yes.

    It's time to leave him alone and move on.

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    There are better guys for you out there. You don't trust him, he doesn't respect you, your communication is abysmal and you're incompatible. Leave him alone.

    My advice remains the same:[Register to see the link]
    Originally Posted by Heartbroken7
    He was supposedly with his friends sister he sent me a pic and it reflected on his glasses a woman driving his car..he said it was a rental and it was his best friend sister...then why wasnt your best friend in the passenger seat...and why lie and tell me it was a rental when i recognize your car...it felt fishy...

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