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Thread: Money and issues with grandma

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    Update: Hey guys. I just wanted to come back here and thank those that replied and inboxed with their advice about this issue I was having.

    Since this happened, my husband and I moved into our new apartment. It's really nice! We particularly enjoy the pool and Jacuzzi. Financially, we are doing so much better.

    My relationship with my grandma has improved greatly since there has been a little bit of distance. I'll still grab her a few groceries now because she's too vulnerable to be out and about with the virus, but my dad does more of that too now.

    I was hired for a 2nd part time job in January and we pulled ourselves out of debt and started a savings. I was recently furloughed from that job due to COVID until further notice. My performing gig is also on pause right now, probably for the remainder of the year.

    Then, since all of this with COVID has been happening, I've hit the ground running with my writing. I've put in many applications for remote jobs and have done several interviews, with a couple of really good offers. The competition has been insane since everyone started jumping on all work from home jobs, but I've gone through a great resume and networking course. I've been freelancing for the websites at a couple of different well known women's lifestyle magazines as well as a blog for a new start-up dating app. I've never known the opportunities that freelancing can bring when you really hustle at it. I've also recently been hired as a Relationship Coach for an online coaching service. I am being trained and certified through the company. Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Wow, that's great! Good work!!

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