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Thread: Am I crazy wanting him back? Messy break up (long post)

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    Then stop the drama and don't send this type of self-serving wound-licking nonsense. Leave him and his family alone. Go back to your country, family and job back home. Live your life, be happy.
    Originally Posted by CatHeroine
    I liked you very much, I wish this could have continued on a mutual basis. But if this is something you cannot commit to, then this is something I don't want either. So for now, lets keep things separated. I will miss you as a person but moving on is more important. Hopefully we can come in contact again sometime when feelings are buried, but now is not the moment.

    I don't want him to remember me by the drama I caused during and after the break up

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    I found this here on ENA and i found it good to give a closure on a more positive note but you're right i won't send it.

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